Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Wednesday Night From 8-11pm

Metal-O-Mania is a Heavy Metal internet Radio show that airs live at every Wednesday night from 8-11pm based in Beltsville, MD. It is hosted by Chris Grant, known on the show as The Crypt and the lovely Kelli Grant or as we all have come to know and love her as…Skully, The Mistress of Metal! This is not just another playlist with a chat-board folks, but rather an interactive live broadcast that includes the most recent and brutal metal jams on the planet. The pair are often joined on-air by a rather deep cast of characters from the DELMARVA Metal scene and feature a weekly interview that showcases Metal acts all around the world from up-and-comers to established powerhouses. Metal-O-Mania prides itself on melting your speakers with music that hits harder than a brick to the teeth and will show your earholes ZERO mercy!!! With their own special brand of humor, the M-O-M crew also loves to tackle various topics in between mind-melting metal, having done shows on such topics as Conspiracy Theories, Unexplained Mysteries, Serial Killers, Fetishes, Nightmares and many more…it is a ride you won’t want to miss if you are one of those many METALHEADS out there wondering where to go and who to turn to for the neck-breaking goods…we have your back right here METALOMANIACS!!!!