Soul Train Awards


Is it me or are the Soul Train Awards, better than the BET Awards now. This past weekend the Soul Train
Awards returned with hosts Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold, and it was lit. They opened the show to
a song and dance medley of 90’s Friends themed music. Then rolled that over to a BBD performance
that got the crowd going early in the night. It actually felt good seeing your favorite celebs actually
enjoying themselves and being fans like the rest of us.
Unlike the BET Awards which seemed like no one really wanted to be there. Jamie Foxx hosted and at
one point threatened to slap the audience for acting uptight. There were very awkward interactions
with Donald Glover and Michael B. Jordan when Jamie bought them on stage. The audience really didn’t
look like they enjoy the performances. In fact the best part of the BET Awards 2018 was the Anita Baker
honoring. Which brings me back to my original point.
For the past 4 years the Soul Train Awards have been the better of the two shows. It seems like people
actually come to have a good time and not just to be seen. The BET Awards has become that event you
watch because of how past shows made you feel. But these recent years have been a far cry from when
Hov grabbed other rappers out the audience and they all partied on stage during his performance. Or
when Monique did he rendition of Beyonce’s dance moves with an all plus size ensemble. So
Congratulations Soul Train even decades later you’re still the best at making your audience dance and
have a great time.