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Ever met a person that you knew would be a staple in your life, forever? Well, The Dhons, had no idea when they met sophomore year, at Oxon Hill High School they would form a friendship to last a lifetime. One may ask, who are The Dhons? Well, The Dhons are Latoya Ball and Carmen Walls, of Oxon Hill, MD; also known as the 20745.

As life would have it, after graduating high school the two went on to pursue dreams of graduating college, marriage, children, and just experience life outside of each other. Years passed, and they lost touch with each other. However, not for too long. Thanks to social media, the two reconnected. Just like that, they picked up where they left off. The good times rolled and the laughs continued. Who needed a party, when Latoya and Carmen were in the building they were the party. That party didn’t last long, though. Even with the endless laughs and good times shared between the two, there was something missing. The truth. Who they were as teenagers when they met, was no longer. As adults, expectations changed, boundaries had been put in place, and even crossed at times. The truth had been swept to the side, one too many times.

It was time to break the seal. The seal of truth, the seal of false tales, and call each other a spade. After all, it was time to clear the air. They say liquid courage isn’t the best, but for these two it made it easy to tap into those uncomfortable conversations. After a few shots of Don Julio, these ladies expressed their truths. Friendships are meant to be fun, yes. Yet, a meaningful friendship is a sustainable friendship. What do you get, when you mix a bottle of Don Julio, two women evolving, and a 15 plus year friendship; The Dhons. Breaking the seal of a bottle of Don Julio, allowed them to break their own seal of silence and hold each other accountable.

Two women. Two voices. One sound. The truth. Carmen and Latoya, speak freely, and have learned to walk in their truth; while encouraging others to break their own personal seals of truth. The Dhons, aren’t just here for girl talk, they’re here to talk to the people. It’s time to call a spade… A mutherfu*&ing spade.

“It’s Deeper Than The Bottle That Got Us Here”- The Dhons