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The Kxng RG Takeover

DC Native & Hip Hop Lover, Reggie Ford BKA Kxng RG is taking over the internet airwaves with

his show on Radio VPS. Radio VPS, an online/internet radio station, started with Kxng RG & a

friend of his as one of the first personalities on air. How did he get here? What inspired him to

take this leap? “I used to listen to various podcasts, most specifically Combat Jack. In a

conversation with a friend, I suggested she do a podcast because she would randomly post

snaps of music she loved, and she insisted that I do the podcast with her. That podcast led us

to the Brooklyn’s Finest Radio Show, which then led me here to the Kxng RG Takeover”. Hip

Hop became a love for the Kxng once he purchased his first album by Kool Moe Dee and got

that feeling that he loved so much of when you know a rhyme word for word and people are

amazed. Growing up in DC, his hip hop influence started at home, fully getting influenced

around 1991, hearing songs by Public Enemy and Ice Cube. Growing up listening to hip hop

music, you never really believe that one day you may actually meet these amazing artists that

you are listening to, unless you are Kxng RG and you believe it wholeheartedly. He says that

his biggest moment on the show thus far has to be meeting one of his Top 5 hip hop artists,

Rakim, now that’s dope! The Kxng RG Takeover show is about keeping hip hop culture alive,

not just the music. If you listen to the show you won’t only here from MC’s, you’ll get knowledge

from producers/DJ’s/Graffiti Artists/Clothing Designers and much more. “I want to continue

telling the story of the culture & the people that live it. Like New York, DC has a history of its

own hip hop culture and I want to be the platform to tell that story!”

Hosted by
Kxng RG & Miss H.E.R

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